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Valve Works On Polishing Steam's Big Picture Mode

With Steam Machines and SteamOS just around the corner, Valve released a big update this week to their Steam client...

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Oh No, Too Many Distros?

Fossforce's Christine Hall said recently that those declaring "too many distros" are just spreading FUD and then ran a poll. Their results were surprising, too surprising. So, I ran my own poll. Turns out, my results are surprising too. Fossforce's poll showed a majority of respondents said there were too many distros, 29% thought the number is about right, and 19% said there were too few. They were "flabbergasted" and "surprised" as was I. The results had to be an anomaly. So, I ran my own poll to see what I'd get. My results show no anomaly...

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A Great Line-Up of Speakers at Xen Project Developer Summit

The Xen Project Developer Summit is the Xen Project’s annual developer conference. It brings together the developers and power users that define the Xen Project. We will share ideas and experiences, discuss the latest technical developments and innovations and plan the evolution of Xen and its subprojects for the coming year. Of course, the event is also about collaboration and meeting new and old community members. So if you are interested in the Xen Project, the developer summit may be for you.

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Wayland-Based Hawaii Desktop Is Still Active

While there's been a lot of Wayland announcements recently, there hasn't been much news on the Wayland-powered Qt5-based Hawaii desktop that's part of the Maui project. Though they have hit a roadblock in their "Green Island" Wayland compositor, the desktop shell continues to move forward with new features and functionality...

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Is the 'App Economy' Dead? Or Just Morphing?

Paid apps are becoming a rare item as the market moves to other funding models.

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