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Valve's SteamOS and Steam Machine News Backs Linux as the Future of Gaming

Last week, Valve co-founder and executive director Gabe Newell hinted at upcoming big Steam announcements at LinuxCon 2013 in New Orleans, and the company did not disappoint. This week, Valve announced the upcoming release of SteamOS, a new Linux-based operating system built around Steam. Valve also announced a hardware prototype today, which will be released to the public in 2014, and the company asked for help from the community.

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KDE Explains Frameworks 5 for Qt Developers

The KDE libraries are being methodically reworked into a set of cross platform modules that will be readily available to all Qt developers. The KDE Frameworks, designed as drop-in Qt Addons, will enrich Qt as a development environment with functions that simplify, accelerate and reduce the cost of Qt development. 

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Three Trends in Business App Development You Need to be Aware Of

Disruption! Transformation! The future is upon us, application architects.

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Analysis: Can SteamOS Drag the PC Game Industry Over to Linux?

Right after I wrote up today's news regarding Valve's announcement of a Linux-based SteamOS as central to its living room PC gaming efforts, I tweeted the following instant analysis: "If anyone has the clout to drag the gaming industry towards Linux, it's Valve." After thinking about it for a bit, I think Valve has a better than decent shot of actually pulling the transition off, especially if it wisely utilizes its position as what amounts to the biggest first-party developer in PC gaming.

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Humanitarian Toolbox to Deliver Open Software for Good Causes

Here at OStatic, we've covered open source software aimed at humanitarian causes before, including tools from called InSTEDD (Innovative Support to Emergencies, Diseases and Disasters). Now, a very interesting new startup called Humanitarian Toolbox has appeared, and is focused on open source tools for humanitarian causes. 

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