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Red Alert for Linux Programmers: Red Hat Software Collections 1.1 Released

Red Hat has released its latest collection of up-to-date programming languages and database management systems for Red Hat Enterprise Linux developers.

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OpenSSL Fixes Another Severe Vulnerability

Still cleaning up after the Heartbleed debacle, OpenSSL is issuing fixes for several vulnerabilities, one of them exploitable to run arbitrary code on the client or server.

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Distribution Release: Alpine Linux 3.0.0

Natanael Copa has announced the release of Alpine Linux 3.0.0, a security-oriented distribution designed primarily for servers.

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Enlightenment 0.19 Now In Alpha With Better Wayland Support

Enlightenment 0.19 Alpha was just tagged as the very latest desktop / window manager work that includes improved Wayland support for E19...

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New Sandboxing Features Come To Systemd

Lennart Poettering has added two new service sandboxing features to systemd...

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