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Leadwerks Makes Its Kickstarter Goal, Promises 3D Game Development On Linux

In the greater history of computer gaming, Linux is a relative newcomer, still missing out on quite a few AAA titles and only recently gaining access to Steam. While the library of games is growing for the open-sourced OS, the actual development process is still locked in to Windows. Most of the tools used for designing 3D models (e.g. Blender), landscapes, and other graphics have made the transition to Linux, but the primary coding tools are mysteriously absent. So, Leadwerks posed a question: are there enough aspiring game developers on Linux to justify porting its suite of tools? As it turns out, the answer is yes.

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NVIDIA Opens Up SHIELD Gaming Operating System

The NVIDIA SHIELD portable gaming device/console was released at the end of July and now NVIDIA has come forward with the source-code to the whole operating system in hopes of encouraging enthusiasts to modify and improve the platform...

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Why Agile Isn't Enough for Many Software Projects

Agile and scrum -- which encourage team-based partnerships between developers and end-users -- don't work well within large or complex environments, expert warns.

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Open Source as a Civic Duty

I occasionally get asked why I spend so much of my free time writing software and giving it away for free. There are a number of reasons for this—I like to build things and I use it as an excuse to practice and improve my skills—but one of the most...

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Hey, You Know Android Apps Can 'Access ALL' of Your Google Account?

 The single-click Google account login for Android apps is a little too convenient for hackers, according to Tripwire's Craig Young, who has demonstrated a flaw in the authentication method.…...

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