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Ubuntu Planned, Reviewed, Hacked, and Giving Up

Ubuntu seemed to dominate much of the headlines today. Two new reviews emerged, both rather flattering for Ubuntu. This couldn't come at a better time to draw attention away from Canonical's decision to pull-back from their Ubuntu on Android project. 

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Distribution Release: NixOS 14.04

Eelco Dolstra has announced the release of NixOS 14.04, a new stable build of a distribution that uses a custom package manager, deploys a unique file system layout, and offers many innovative features.

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Musix Linux: Sweet Strains Jarred by Sour Notes

The Musix Linux distro is a specialty OS with an impressive collection of tools for users with a passion mostly for audio and music production. That same collection of tools should be included for video, given the blending of music and video popular in distributing entertainment on the Internet today.

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Wheeler: How to Prevent the Next Heartbleed

David A. Wheeler has written a lengthy article delving into why Heartbleed was not found sooner and how similar vulnerabilities can be prevented in the future. "There are several approaches that could have found Heartbleed, and vulnerabilities like it, before the vulnerable software was released. This is not a ding...

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Qt 5.3 Release Candidate Planned For End Of Week

The official release candidate for the upcoming Qt 5.3 toolkit should be released before the weekend. For those interested in testing out the latest Qt 5.3 release right now, there's a new development candidate...

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