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Metro: Last Light Horror FPS Game Is Out For Linux

Metro: Last Light, a first-person shooter horror video game of AAA quality, is now out for Linux. This post-apocalyptic game can be found on Steam for Linux...

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This Watchdog Is Android's Best Friend

If you find yourself bashing away on your Android device and maxing it to the hilt with numerous background-running apps, there's a good chance you've encountered freezes and slowdowns. As PC makers can attest, we're using our Android and other newer devices as laptop substitutes these days, and thrashing the...

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Announcing Winners of the Caption Contest

When we launched our first-ever caption contest last month, we gave readers the simple guideline (not mandate) that our judges would likely favor captions with an open source theme. We were surprised and pleased to see that every reader seemed to take that advice to heart. read more...

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Wine 1.7 Released – Install in RHEL, CentOS and Fedora

Wine is an open source and free application for Linux that enables users to run any windows based application on Unix/Linux like operating system. Wine team is keep releasing their versions in every two weeks. Finally, the Wine team proudly announced the stable release of Wine 1.7 and made... [[...

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The What Why and How of Wayland and Weston on Linux

The Wayland display server protocol is a ground-up rewrite of the Linux graphical display subsystem, and (as all changes do) is causing consternation and controversy. So what's the big deal?

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