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SPDX Workgroup Announces First GSoC Interns

For the first time, the Linux Foundation’s SPDX Workgroup is geared up to participate in the 2014 Google Summer of Code internship program. The goal was to engage students in open source projects, learn a bit about open source compliance, and meet open source community members. We had excellent responses in our first year, with a total of four projects accepted from three different universities.

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Global Push for More Computer Science in Classrooms is Starting to Bear Fruit

“LET’S do it again,” calls a ten-year-old. Once more, pupils clasping printed numbers follow tangled lines marked with white tape on the floor of their school hall. When two meet, the one holding the higher number follows the line right; the other goes left. Afterwards they line up—and the numbers are in ascending order. “The idea is to show how a computer sorts data,” explains their teacher, Claire Lotriet.

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The Internet Is Being Protected By Two Guys Named Steve

It was the last thing Steve Marquess and Stephen Henson wanted to hear. In 2006, three years into a struggle to get a key component of OpenSSL validated as secure by the U.S. government, and they’d received bad news: Their code needed more work. 

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Development Release: Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 Beta

Jeff Hoogland has announced the availability of the beta release of Bodhi Linux 3.0.0, an Ubuntu-based distribution featuring the Enlightenment 19 window manager.

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Clpeak: OpenCL Device Profiling On Linux

Clpeak is a relatively new open-source tool for querying the peak capabilities of OpenCL devices under Linux...

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