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A New Game Ported To Run On Wayland/Weston

A new open-source game (actually, two games) have been ported to run on Wayland without a dependence on X11...

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OpenDaylight Software-Defined Networking Codebase Coming Together

The open-source OpenDaylight Software-Defined Networking project is maturing quickly.

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US Homeland Security Offers R&D Grants for FLOSS Cybersecurity Projects

Working on cybersecurity and looking for support for your project? The Homeland Open Security Technology (HOST) project has begun a seven-week open call for investment applications that support open source software to improve cybersecurity. Applications will be accepted from July 2 to August 14, 2013. Award notifications will be sent...

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GCC 4.9, Clang 3.4 Will Have Better C++14 Support

We're still many months out from seeing the release of GCC 4.9 and LLVM Clang 3.4 releases, but with the next major updates to these open-source code compilers will come better support for the C++14 (C++1y) language...

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Apache OpenOffice 4.0 Debuts With IBM Code Side and Centre

The Apache Software Foundation has released OpenOffice version 4.0, a leap forward from the previous 3.4 edition let into the wild in March 2012.…...

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