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Standardized Media Streaming on Linux Devices with Open Source Cloud-dLeyna


In the world of multimedia devices, where the better those devices can share digital media, the better it is for the user. The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) offers a certification program toward that end, and just recently, digital media controller (DMC) application Cloud-dLeyna became the first open source stack to receive DLNA certification. 

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GitHub to Devs: Pick a License, We Dare You

Legalese confounds coders, so GitHub steps in to help When Microsoft announced back in January that its flagship development tools Visual Studio and Team Foundation Service would play nicely with Git, it was a sign that the tool and its online manifestation GitHub had become part of the programming furniture.…...

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Windows Wine and Virtual Machines

Almost every regular desktop Linux user I know keeps a virtual machine with an old version of Windows around. I'm included in this group, I still run Windows XP in a VM, and will until it no longer works or the need for it is gone. I expect that the need will be the first to go, as the Windows only applications that I use are migrating off to web apps, like the latest release of VMware's Vcenter server. This personal, anecdotal evidence is what I see as the final failure of the Wine project. Wine promised us the ability to run Windows applications on Linux, but in my experience very few actually do. I ran across Jim Lynch's article in IT World titled Wine and Windows RT: What's the Point? where he argues that porting Windows RT applications to run natively on Linux is a waste of time: Is it me or is this just a huge waste of developer time? Windows RT devices aren't selling well at all, it seems to be yet another gigantic bomb from Microsoft. So why waste the time and effort to support it...

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VMware waves goodbye to Zimbra

Email biz to merge with Telligent VMware has offloaded Zimbra less than four years after buying the email-cum-collabware business unit from Yahoo! Terms are undisclosed.…...

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The Current State Of OpenGL 3, OpenGL 4 In Mesa 9.2

With the release of Mesa 9.2 being a few weeks out, here's a current look at the OpenGL 3.x/4.x support levels within Mesa...

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