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Guidelines for Contributing and/or Committing Code to an Open Source Community Project

One of the benefits of using community versions of open source software is the ability to change and modify the source code and contribute (or commit) the new functionality back to the community.  Acceptance of modified code contributions by the community will hopefully make the software perform better and become more secure.  For the individual coder working with open source as a personal interest, a hobby, a learning experience, or even as part of a formal education this flexibility to modify and contribute to the project provides the freedom to explore possibilities on the bleeding edge of major Internet technologies. 

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MediaGoblin 0.4.0 Adds Document Support

The free software platform for media sharing can now share all sorts of documents, harnessing the power of two other free software projects, pdf.js and LibreOffice, to handle displaying and converting documents...

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LLVM 3.3 Officially Released

After a two week hiatus, LLVM 3.3 has been officially released!..

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Open Source by Default?

"Over the last ten years, open source has become unremarkable. I think that’s a great achievement. We no longer argue about whether it’s secure or not, or whether it’s safe to use. We focus now on how best to use open source to get the best value for every tax...

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Joeffice, An Open Source Office Suite One Developer Built in 30 Days

Joeffice development, day one. Software developer Anthony Goubard may be one of the most ambitious DIYers on the planet. How else can you explain it? One man looks across the landscape of productivity suites—from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice to Google Docs—and says: "I'll just make my own." Goubard is behind...

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