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Future Gnome Releases May Include Application Sandboxing

With computers and applications becoming more and more smarter everyday, one is coming more close to security breeches and loopholes. Security issues today are more complex and harder to detect than they were five years ago. 

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Final GNOME 3.6 Update Improves Stability

The second point update to the 3.6 series of GNOME, version 3.6.2, has been released with various changes including GNOME Shell tweaks and fixes for crashing bugs, as well as translation updates...

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XBMC 12.0 Beta Packs Exciting Features

The first beta release of XBMC 12.0 "Frodo" is now available. This beta to the popular home theater PC (HTPC) software packs exciting changes for end-users interested in the best open-source multimedia playback experience...

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Development of PHP 5.5 Begins

A first alpha of PHP 5.5.0 signals the start of the release cycle for a new major version of the scripting language. New features include support for generators and for lists in the foreach loop...

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NetBSD 5.2 Release Is On Approach

NetBSD 6.0 was released last month with better multi-core/SMP support, the experimental CHFS file-system for flash devices, and other worthwhile enhancements. However, for those not yet ready to jump from NetBSD 5.x to NetBSD 6.0, there is a NetBSD 5.2 release on approach...

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