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ZFS On Linux Now Supports SELinux

For those relying upon Security Enhanced Linux SELinux within an enterprise environment or just very security minded, ZFS On Linux now has full support for SELinux...

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Ubuntu Derivatives Do Their 14.04 Alpha 1 Release

Many Ubuntu-based distributions are doing their 14.04 "Trusty Tahr" Alpha 1 release today, except for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Alpha 1 itself...

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Fedora 20's Anaconda Installer, Hands On

A screen-shot walk-through of the excellent Fedora Linux 20 installer - and why I love it.

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The Genius Of Linux Is Community, Not Technology

How did Linux spread to every corner of the world of technology? After all, Linux never truly realized its initial promise as an old-school desktop operating system destined to take down Microsoft and Windows.

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GnuPG 1.4.16 Released

Version 1.4.16 of the GNU Privacy Guard is out; it contains a fix for the recently disclosed acoustic cryptoanalysis attack. "A possible scenario is that the attacker places a sensor (for example a standard smartphone) in the vicinity of the targeted machine. That machine is assumed to do unattended RSA...

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