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KTAP 0.3 Brings New Linux Dynamic Tracing Features

KTAP is a lightweight script-based dynamic tracing tool for Linux that remains independent of GCC and doesn't require kernel module re-compilation. KTAP 0.3 was just announced this morning and with it comes some more features...

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Cinnamon Desktop: Breaks With GNOME, Finds Beefed-Up Nemo

The Cinnamon Desktop project recently released version 2, a major overhaul of the desktop environment that's best known as the default option for Linux Mint's flagship release.…...

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Arch-Based Manjaro 0.8.8-RC1 Has A New Installer

Manjaro Linux 0.8.8-RC1 is now available and it features package management and installation improvements...

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Improvements Coming To Weston's Wayland Back-End

The Wayland back-end to the Weston compositor allows Weston to run inside an existing Wayland compositor, i.e. a nested Weston scenario or running Weston atop a completely different Wayland compositor. A set of 11 patches were published Sunday night for making the Wayland back-end more on par with the X11...

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Manage MySQL with Puppet

You probably already know that Puppet allows you to set up a server from scratch. You might not realize that Puppet provides efficient, centralized management for complex services such as MySQL. We recently talked about multiserver administration with Puppet. Now let's focus on MySQL administration, via Puppet's MySQL module, a complete, thorough, and proven module that follows best practices both for MySQL and Puppet. 

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