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Kaspersky Fixes IPv6 Problem in Internet Security Suite

A single, slightly unusual IPv6 packet is all that's required to cause a Windows PC with a Kaspersky firewall to freeze. Now that the problem has been disclosed, the company has acted to fix it...

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Valve's Day of Defeat Released For Linux

Valve's original Day of Defeat game and the Day of Defeat: Source titles are now in beta on Linux via the Steam client...

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The Big Tent of Open Source has Room for Anarchists, Intelligence Agencies and Businesses Alike

At his first open source conference, Tim Hildred reflects on three presentations that brought home the breadth of the open source community. Sky Croeser talked about introducing Open Source tools to the production of an anarchist magazine. Alan Leigh from the Australian Defense Department talked about an Open Source data-recovery competition his department takes part in. And Joshua McKenty’s introductory OpenStack talk laid out the business case of the public hybrid cloud. 

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KDE SC 4.11 Planned For Release In Mid-August

The release schedule for KDE SC 4.11 has been set and the next major release of the KDE Plasma desktop will come in mid-August...

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GNOME Plans to Promote Wayland Port

GNOME developer Matthias Clasen has proposed that efforts to port the GNOME desktop to Wayland should be given more weight and be completed within the next year...

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