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OpenShot Could Round Out Open Source Media Production Suite

OpenShot, a very popular video editor for Linux, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to hasten its next phase of development, which will include a Macintosh and Windows port of the program. read more...

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Qt Creator 2.7 Released With Improved C++11

Version 2.7 of the Qt Creator integrated development environment has been released. There's better support for BlackBerry development, improved C++11 language handling, and much more...

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QtWayland Shows Signs Of Progress, Plans Features

A status update has been issued on QtWayland, which allows Qt applications to run on Wayland, and details about what's being planned for Wayland with Qt 5.2 has been shared...

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Goodbye Google Reader, Linux Has Its Own RSS Aggregators

Google is killing the popular Google Reader. But who needs Google, because as always Linux offers multiple superior alternatives.

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Here's Why HTML-Based Apps Don't Work

So you want to build an app. You're thinking if you do it in HTML you can take your existing skills and port it to other platforms? You're in for a rough time...

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