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The State Of Wayland Support With KDE Frameworks 5, Plasma Next

Martin Gräßlin has written a new blog post about "KDE5" and Wayland...

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The Performace Impact Of Linux Disk Encryption On Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

For any Linux laptop users or those concerned about their data's safety on production systems, I highly recommend utilizing disk encryption for safeguarding the data. However, what's the performance impact like these days? In this article with the current development snapshot of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on a modern Intel ultrabook...

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TinyKeep Announced for Linux

The monsters aren’t just scripted to attack, but they are kind of like AI controlled players with their own traits and behavior.

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Wine 1.7.14 Arrives With More Task Scheduler Support

The latest bi-weekly development release of Wine is now available, but sadly it doesn't yet mainline the major Direct3D command stream work for improved performance nor has it moved much along with its Direct3D 10/11 work...

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Popcorn Time Lets You Stream Torrent Movies on Your Linux Desktop

Gizmodo reports that a new open source application called Popcorn Time lets you stream torrent movies in Linux, as well as Windows and OS X.

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