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Distribution Release: Untangle NG Firewall 10.1

Untangle has announced the release of version 10.1 of Untangle NG Firewall (a product formerly known as "Untangle Gateway"), a Debian-based specialist distribution for firewalls and gateways: "Untangle, Inc., a network software and appliance company, today launched version 10.1 of its Next Generation Firewall software, a critical upgrade...

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Choosing a Programming Language for Interviews

Last week at the MIT January term course Hacking a Technical Interview, after a class period finished a student asked me the question:

I know many different programming languages. How do I choose which one to use during my interview?

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Gnome 3.12 Delayed to Sync with Wayland Release

Gnome developers are planning to delay the release of Gnome 3.12 by approximately a week. It’s a deliberate delay to sync the release with the availability of Wayland 1.5. Gnome, like all other major FLOSS projects, have put their weight behind Wayland and the move will ensure that Gnome and...

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Name Your Own Price for a Sid Meier Game Bundle on Steam

Civilization, anyone? And more Civilization? And air combat and railroad management? It's all here, and with a nice kickback to charity. [Read more]    ...

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GNOME Videos (Totem) Gets Overhauled

The next-generation version of GNOME Videos is starting to take shape and become usable for GNOME fans. GNOME Videos looks much better than Totem from the GNOME 2.x days...

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