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A look back at open source creative tools in 2012

For all of you free and open source creative tool fans out ther, plenty of exciting developments happened over the past year—and there's some pretty awesome new things in the pipeline for 2013 as well! Here's a sampling of the good news:

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Bodhi 2.2.0 Released with Lots of E17 Eyecandy

Probably no other Linux team was any more excited by Enlightenment's recent E17 stable release than Bodhi's. Bodhi gained popularity in the last couple of years with their Enlightenment-based Linux system. So, it's with no great surprize that news recently surfaced of the release of Bodhi Linux 2.2.0 featuring the new E17-point-zero. While loyal users can update their existing installs, new images have been released with your choice...

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Red Hat's 2013 Will Center on Hybrid Cloud Services--and Support

It's the time of year when many writers and analysts are considering what lies ahead for leading technologies in the next 12 months, and Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat's often-quoted CEO, offered up his views on the matter in a State of the Union blog post in late December. It's worth reading, and not just for Whitehurst's views on where Red Hat is going. Among other things, Whitehurst remains adamant that in cloud computing--where Red Hat is placing a big bet on OpenStack and other emerging technologies--hybrid clouds will win...

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Does Android Still Qualify as Free Software?

There is no question that the Android mobile operating system now stands as a true open source success story. When Android began ramping up in 2008, few thought that it would rise to the top of the mobile operating system heap. And the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) has been at the heart of that rise, helping developers build a healthy ecosystem of apps and technologies to drive Android forward. Now, though, the latest terms and conditions for the Android SDK include language that some are saying imply that Android no longer qualifies as free software...

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Qt Project Releases Qt 5

Qt 5 offers developers enhanced productivity, flexibility, and easier cross-platform portability.

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