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When Open-Source Eats Itself, We Win

For years the headlines have been about open source cannibalising proprietary software. But what happens when open source starts to cannibalise itself?…...

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GNOME Developers Plan "Linux Apps"

The GNOME developers are planning to implement an application format that will allow Linux programs to be installed as easily as smartphone apps. A sandbox model is to isolate the "Linux apps" from each other and from the rest of the system.

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Why I Said Goodbye to the Gnome Desktop

It's finally time for me to leave the Gnome Desktop, thanks to Gnome 3. Fortunately for me, the MATE desktop is a continuation of the Gnome 2 Desktop, and as of Fedora 18, is integrated into the Fedora repository; it's also fairly easy to install.

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Oracle Releases MySQL 5.6 To Improve NoSQL, Performance

While there's many in the open-source community that remain unhappy with Oracle, including the direction of the MySQL database server to the point that Fedora will now ship MariaDB instead, MySQL 5.6 was released this morning by the software giant.

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Android Malware Carries Windows Snooping App

"Superclean" and "DroidCleaner" offered to clean up your Android phone, but while doing a dreadful job of that, they also turned the phone into an infected USB stick ready to load audio snooping software onto Windows PCs.

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