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Top 3 Linux Video Editors

Linux is a superior platform for high-end video production, and here are three of the best Linux video creation and editing programs.

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Github Search Exposes Passwords

It's important to note that this is NOT a Github security issue. This is a BONEHEAD security issue.

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Mozilla Lures Devs to Firefox OS With Shiny New Toys

The Mozilla Foundation on Tuesday announced that smartphones running its Firefox OS will be available to developers in February. The preview phones are being produced in collaboration with Geeksphone and Telefonica. The idea is to entice devs to create apps for the Firefox OS. "These devices have not been designed...

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Is this 3D-printed robot the first of thousands?

InMoov is an open-source DIY printable robot that can obey voice commands. It's slightly creepy, but at least it's cheap. [Read more]...

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Do Linux Servers Need Antivirus?

Having your datacenter audited at the office can be a painful experience. One of the toughest is known by the initialism “PCI”, which stands for Payment Card Industry. The PCI audits are in-depth, and require several layers of security, logging, and documentation. Unfortunately, many of the requirements of such audits are derived from a Windows centric environment, and make little sense in a pure Linux system.

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