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Most Popular Android Tablet: Nexus 7

There are plenty of great Android tablets on the market now that weren't around even a year ago. If you're looking for one to wrap up for someone special, get your game on, or get some work done, you have plenty of options. Earlier last week, we asked you which...

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A round-up of all things Steam right now! [GOL]

Time to do a round-up of all the latest on the Steam front for all of you, especially those not including themselves unofficially in the beta.
Steam Client
Firstly Steam itself got updates:

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Humble not so Friendly Anymore Bundle


Everyone by now should know about Humble Bundle, they used to be a provider of great DRM FREE and cross platform (Linux, Mac and Windows) indie games including games like Osmos, Aquaria, Psychonauts, World of Goo etc.

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KDE 4.10 To Change Windows Grouping

The development on KDE 4.10 is is on full swing (we have created a KDE 4.10 update page) and today the KDE project leader Aaron Seigo announe that the upcoming release of KDE will change how window grouping is handled in the task manager.

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LCE: Don't play dice with random numbers

H. Peter Anvin has been involved with Linux for more than 20 years, and is currently one of the x86 architecture maintainers. During his work on Linux, one of his areas of interest has been the generation and use of random numbers, and his talk at LinuxCon Europe 2012 was designed to address a lot of misunderstandings that he has encountered regarding random numbers.

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