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GNOME Plans to Promote Wayland Port

GNOME developer Matthias Clasen has proposed that efforts to port the GNOME desktop to Wayland should be given more weight and be completed within the next year...

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Ubuntu Developing Its Own Calculator, Calendar, Etc

Further differentiating itself from the GNOME desktop stack it was previously based upon, developers are working on their own calendar, weather, and clock applications that are written against the Ubuntu SDK. They've even developed their own Sudoku and other games...

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Plasma 2 With KDE Frameworks 5 Looks Awesome

Sebastian Kügler of KDE has talked about progress made on Plasma 2, the port of the Plasma Workspaces desktop to using KDE Frameworks 5 that in turn works atop Qt 5. The possibilities opened up for Plasma 2 due to KDE Frameworks 5 and using an OpenGL scene-graph are impressive...

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Linux Audio Editing Is Better With Ardour 3.0

The high-end open-source audio workstation software Ardour is up to version 3.0. Ardour 3.0 features many improvements to this GPLv2+ software...

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Philips Delivers Promised Dev Docs for Colorful Hue LED Lights

We reviewed the Hue LED-powered lightbulbs late last year, and the programmable lights have since become a major part of my life. I wake up with their help in the morning and go to bed with their help in the evening, and the 11 bulbs I've got throughout my home change colors as the day advances—from morning gold to daytime bright to evening dim, and finally to nighttime blues. Philips Hue light shifting colors They do this, though,...

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