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Wine 1.6-rc1 Release Marks The Code Freeze

The first release candidate for Wine 1.6 was announced today, which marks the beginning of the code freeze for the next release. Squeezing in before the code freeze is GLSL support for fixed-function vertex shaders and other changes...

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The Trouble with UEFI Boot, and a Helping Hand from a BIOS Firmware Update

Sometimes a firmware update can be the answer to a tricky problem — but alas, not always.

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The Wayland Situation: Facts About X vs. Wayland

With the continued speculation and FUD about the future of Wayland at a time when Canonical is investing heavily into their own Mir Display Server alternative, Eric Griffith and Daniel Stone have written an article for Phoronix where they lay out all the facts. The "Wayland Situation" is explained with...

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Weston 1.1.1 Release Brings Bug-Fixes

As the first point release since the exciting release of Wayland/Weston 1.1, important bug-fixes have landed for the display protocol's reference compositor...

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GStreamer 1.1.1 Introduces New APIs and Plugins

The latest development release of the open source media framework includes eight new APIs, several new plugins, improvements to the framework's video handling and a number of bug fixes...

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