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Linux Audio Editing Is Better With Ardour 3.0

The high-end open-source audio workstation software Ardour is up to version 3.0. Ardour 3.0 features many improvements to this GPLv2+ software...

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Philips Delivers Promised Dev Docs for Colorful Hue LED Lights

We reviewed the Hue LED-powered lightbulbs late last year, and the programmable lights have since become a major part of my life. I wake up with their help in the morning and go to bed with their help in the evening, and the 11 bulbs I've got throughout my home change colors as the day advances—from morning gold to daytime bright to evening dim, and finally to nighttime blues. Philips Hue light shifting colors They do this, though,...

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Man Overboard: GNOME Cofounder Joins the Mac Side

It seems that the FOSS community sees its ranks expand just about every day, as new fans of free and open source software join the fold. What's much less common is to see former advocates of Linux and FOSS change their minds and depart. That's pretty much what happened...

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Ubuntu GNOME Is Now An Official Ubuntu Flavor

The Ubuntu Tech Board approved last week that Ubuntu GNOME is now an official flavor/derivative of Ubuntu Linux...

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KDE's KWin Won't Support Ubuntu's Mir

Mark Shuttleworth surprised the KDE community yesterday when he said, "I've absolutely no doubt that Kwin will work just fine on top of Mir.

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