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Steam Linux Usage Still Roughly Around 1%

At the start of every month one of our rituals is always checking in on Valve's Steam Software/Hardware Survey to see their Linux statistics for the month prior. Let's see how Steam Linux usage was in December with the arrival of SteamOS.....

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MPlayer2 Gone Dark, MPV Is Still Happening

The once popular MPlayer2 fork of MPlayer has sadly not seen any new development activity in nearly one year, but another less well-known fork of MPlayer is still showing a future with its most recent activity just being from hours ago...

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A New Dual EC DRBG Flaw

The dual elliptic curve deterministic random bit generator (Dual EC DRBG) cryptographic algorithm has a dubious history—it is believed to have been backdoored by the US National Security Agency (NSA)—but is mandated by the FIPS 140-2 US government cryptographic standard. That means that any cryptographic library project that is interested...

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Reports Say That Windows/Android Hybrid PCs Will Debut at CES

Just as 2013 was beginning, I wrote a post called "Should Microsoft Embrace Both Android and Firefox OS?" The gist of the post was that Microsoft's entries into a couple of important product categories--including smartphones and tablets--have included many missteps and its best advice may be to embrace open source mobile technology, especially Android. 

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Positions Forming in the Debian Init System Discussion

Some of the members of the Debian Technical Committee are starting to post their conclusions regarding which init system the distribution should use in the future. In particular, Ian Jackson has come out in favor of upstart: "Firstly, unlike the systemd maintainers, I think portability to non-Linux systems is important.

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