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Students Can Help Improve LLVM & Clang, Make The Kernel Build

Besides GCC looking towards new features and improvements this year via Google's Summer of Code, the LLVM project also has a growing list of hopeful projects for student developers...

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What is Good Video Editing Software on Linux?

A video editor allows you to handle post-production video editing which typically involves arranging, cutting, pasting, trimming, and otherwise enhancing (e.g., adding various effects to) video clips through the timeline interface. In modern video editing software, things like multi-codec import/transcoding, non-linear video editing, or even HD video support are pretty...

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Moving Between the Stages of Open Source Projects

In a recent training session, I discussed commitment gradients—how much extra effort is involved to move between each stage of involvement within a project.  After the session I was asked for some examples of commitment gradients and how it’s possible to make them shallower, so it’s easier for people to...

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Distribution Release: Linux From Scratch 7.5

Armin K has announced the release of Linux From Scratch (LFS) 7.5, a book of step-by-step instructions on how to build a base Linux system from scratch - from an existing Linux system or a Linux live CD. The comprehensive 351-page publication serves primarily as an educational exercise....

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Tor Developing Anonymous Instant Messenger

Tor has been making it easier and easier over the years to anonymously browse the web, and now it's working to make it just as easy to chat anonymously too. Tor is currently working on a secure instant messaging app for the desktop that will automatically route encrypted messages through...

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