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Introducing: Debian for OpenRISC

Christian Svensson has announced a version of Debian for the OpenRISC open-source processor. "Some people know that I've been working on porting Glibc and doing some toolchain work. My evil master plan was to make a Debian port, and today I'm a happy hacker indeed! Below is a link to...

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Intel Works On RandR Implementation For Wayland's Weston

The latest work by Intel employees on Wayland is adding an RandR protocol, similar to the X RandR protocol, to the Weston compositor...

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Exciting Features Coming For Qt 5.3

The official release of Qt 5.3 is tentatively planned for April but with the feature freeze coming up we already have a good idea for the features of this next tool-kit release...

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Ubuntu Unity to Bring Back Local Menus

When Canonical introduced its new Ubuntu Unity interface, a major design element was a global, universal menu that all apps would use. Things have changed. Canonical is switching back to local app menus.

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Github Brews Text Editor for Developers

Github has released a beta of what it says is “ the text editor we've always wanted.”…...

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