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Google Web Toolkit 2.5 With Leaner Code

The developers of Google's Java-based web framework for Ajax applications say that they've reduced the code base by 20 percent and the download size of the sample application by 39 percent.

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Tiki Wiki 9.2 Can Now Check System Requirements

Version 9.2 of the wiki, CMS and groupware solution introduces the Tiki Server Check, a feature for testing whether server environment meets Tiki's minimum requirements...

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SSL Certificates and "The Most Dangerous Code in the World"

Researchers found that a number of programs use ineffective encryption when trying to securely transmit data. They say that the most common culprit is badly designed libraries...

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Red Hat Developers Porting OpenJDK to ARM64

For ARM's new ARMv8 64-bit architecture, Red Hat developers are creating a completely open version of the OpenJDK and the HotSpot JVM in what is believed to be the first full and open port of HotSpot since OpenJDK was freed five years ago...

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A Proposal To Fix The Full-Screen Linux Window Mess

Ryan Gordon, the well-known Linux game porter and developer of SDL and other open-source projects, along with Sam Lantinga, another key SDL developer and recent hire for Valve's Linux team, have proposed a window manager change to work out the full-screen X11 window mess...

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