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Firefox Version 8 Available Ahead of Official Release

While many Firefox users are still working with version 7, Mozilla has now made version 8 available, and this version is definitely the next major iteration of the browser. Although Mozilla's official release date is November 8, you can get Windows, Mac and Linux versions here.

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Google Web Toolkit and Web Services: The XML Way

This article, Google Web Toolkit and Web Services: The XML Way, originally appeared on Wazi, a free source for news, information, and articles on open source software. Modern web applications that make heavy use of Ajax benefit from mashing up data from different services...

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21 Free Apps to Keep Your PC Healthy [PC Apps]

An ounce of prevention is worth, what, a working version of your operating system? A few hours of a Windows reinstallation? All of your system's data? When it comes to dealing with issues with your PC, apps that help you prevent problems before they occur are worth their file size...

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The end of (Apache) Harmony

The Apache Harmony open source clean room implementation is heading to the Apache Software Foundation's Attic as the project's committee votes to put the codebase into storage.

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Git Tutorial: Branching and Merging

One of the most compelling features of the Git version control system (VCS) is its ability to create highly usable and lightweight branches, and the ease of merging those branches later. Branching creates multiple “copies” of the same repository and allows you to separate out a set of changes while you experiment with them, or to create different versions of a project, without affecting the main tree.

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