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LLVM 3.3 Planned As A Phoronix Birthday Present

The LLVM 3.3 release of the compiler infrastructure and adjoining Clang C/C++ compiler is planned for release on the day that Phoronix turns nine years old...

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Red Hat's Gluster Community Adds New Open-Source Projects

Red Hat's Gluster open-source community has been all about its namesake, the GlusterFS, but now it's expanding to cover other open-source, software-defined storage technologies.

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IBM's MessageSight: Unboxing the New Machine-to-Machine Appliance

See the un-boxing of IBM's MessageSight, which helps organizations manage and communicate with mobile devices and sensors found in various systems.

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Google and Adobe Team Up to Improve iOS, Linux Fonts

The new Adobe rasterizer promises to boost font rendering across all Unix-derived platforms.

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Open Source Business Conference and New Survey Highlight Key Trends

Every year, in conjunction with the Open Source Business Conference (OSBC), a series of markers and metrics roll out that provide a glimpse at how open source technology is advancing and contributing to innovation. The conference has been underway in San Francisco this week, and the latest edition of the gathering is no exception. Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst weighed in on the state of open source, and survey results put some numbers on where it stands. Jim Whitehurst has spoken at a few iterations of the OSBC gathering, and he frequently points out there that open source components are making their way into the software portfolios of nearly all businesses and organizations. 

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