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Linux and Windows: Peaceful Coexistence

One of the stumbling blocks in migrating to the Linux desktop is the mistaken view that you can't take it with you. Your data must remain captive to the Microsoft operating system. Not true at all. A related misconception that stalls many Windows users from adopting the Linux OS is...

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A Crazy Qt-Based 3D Wayland "Maze" Compositor

For those interested in Wayland, Qt, and 3D, there's an interesting new Wayland compositor out in the wild. This compositor renders a 3D maze using Qt and brings in some Wolfenstein 3D elements while allowing Wayland surfaces to be rendered on the walls...

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Developer Break: MongoDB on Azure, PHP, Qt and Simlity

Catch up on the smaller but important changes and updates to tools and specifications, utilities and libraries. This week: HortonWorks Data Platform, MongoDB on Azure, Reflector,, PHP, Qt and Simlity...

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Windows 8: Never Mind Office, It's a Gaming Platform

Despite threats to its software hegemony from Apple and others, Microsoft's stranglehold on enterprise IT has been its saving grace. Yet this advantage has started to fade as Apple and Android increasingly invade the enterprise through smartphone adoption,...

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Here Comes Calibre 0.8.69 With Customizable Themes

Ebook Managent Application Calibre has been updated to version 0.8.69 and this version comes with better support for Mathematical formulas and custom themes. Users will have the ability to create their own themes (visual styles) and read ebooks according their choice.

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