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The Case for Digital Literacy and Open Source in Classrooms

Municipalities across America should be working to bring open source educational tools to schoolchildren so they will have the necessary digital literacy skills to tap into their creativity and imagination, or even to provide them with valuable future life and workforce skills. And the case of the Feoffees of the Grammar School in Ipswich, Massachusetts—the...

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XWayland Gets Updated

Daniel Stone has updated the XWayland patches for supporting X.Org/X11 applications on Wayland.

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Linus Torvalds Focuses His Keynote On Community Participation. Literally.

When Linus Torvalds sits down for a chat, people listen. And at Torvald’s keynote presentation Wednesday morning during LinuxCon Europe, the standing-room-only crowd proved just how much star power the Linux kingpin has. Accompanied by long-time collaborator and pal Dirk Hohndel, Torvalds fielded chummy questions from his friend as well as lively challenges from the audience. Here are a few of the highlights.

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Hampshire College Distributes Free Software Bundle to All Incoming Students

Hampshire student and FSF campaigns organizer Kira shares the success of their ambitious project to help fellow students get started with free software. The achievements of Kira's organization, LibrePlanet/Students for Free Culture, is exciting and replicable outside of Hampshire.

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Enlightenment Releases First E17 Alpha

At the EFL Development Day, the Enlightenment developers have announced the first alpha release of E17. This marks the first official release after many years of work on the desktop environment which is also used by Samsung for Tizen...

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