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Every company will revolve around software: How many will succeed?

Simply put, whether it's custom software or off the shelf with tweaks, applications will make or break brands.

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Intel Continues Optimizing Counter-Strike: GO For Linux

Another patch hit mainline Mesa this past week that further improves the Linux performance of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive even though Valve has yet to publicly release the title for Linux gamers...

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Steam In-Home Streaming Preview: A Short-Range Slingbox for Your Gaming PC

With the right hardware setup, you may no longer need to sit in front of your gaming machine. With a PlayStation Vita, you can play PS4 anywhere in your house. With an Nvidia Shield, you can do the same with a Windows gaming PC. But what if you don't want...

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Ome: A New Cross-Platform Desktop Environment

There's yet another new desktop in the Linux land. Ome is short for the Open Minded Environment and is a cross-platform desktop environment built around web technologies...

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Voting Proposed For Debian Jessie's Init System

After last week having an update on the current init system debate within Debian -- largely between systemd and Upstart -- and a major music company coming out in favor of systemd, the init system for Debian Jessie may now be taken to a vote...

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