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Redis 2.6.0 Released with Lua Scripting Support

Version 2.6 of the key-value store is now available and includes support for Lua scripting and millisecond expiry resolution, as well as other important changes...

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Wayland's 1.0 Milestone Fixes Graphics Protocol

With the 1.0 milestone of the Wayland compositor and its reference implementation Weston, the technology expected by many to supersede the X Window system has stabilised the protocol and establishes backwards compatibility...

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Systemd 195 Brings "Cool New Features"

Lennart Poettering announced the release of systemd 195 on Monday night. This newest release of systemd brings "a non-trivial amount of cool new features."..

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Cordova Becomes Apache Top Level Project

The mobile development and deployment platform has taken just over a year to graduate to top level status at the Apache Software Foundation...

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Git 1.8.0 Can Access Windows and GNOME Keyrings

The latest version of the distributed version control system Git adds several new features and options to the open source package, including the ability to access keyrings under Windows and GNOME...

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