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New Versions of GTK+, GLib and Clutter

The new versions of programming libraries GLib, GTK+ and Clutter, used predominantly within the GNOME ecosystem, herald the approach of GNOME 3.6...

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Wayland Prototype for Rendering Software that Runs Remotely

Wayland project founder and chief developer Kristian Høgsberg has presented the prototype of a Weston extension that allows the Wayland compositor to display software that is running on another system...

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The X Composite Window Manager With XtoQ

Another interesting talk at XDC2012 was the work going into XCWM, the X Composite Window Manager. This library along with an XtoQ component come out of academia and allows running X client windows as part of OS native windows on platforms like OS X, Windows, and Wayland...

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Tasker: Micro-Managing Automated Routines Can Be Crazy Fun

Want to launch a music app when you plug in your headphones, or wake up to a specific app? You can do things like this with sets of automated routines that you program via the Tasker app. Crafty's Tasker app automates settings on Android devices and lets you micro-manage them.

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Unity 6.6 Arrives, is Headed for Ubuntu 12.10

The latest version of Canonical's desktop shell for Ubuntu improves the window and work space management and includes updates to its lenses. Unity 6.6 is expected to be included in the next beta of Ubuntu 12.10...

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