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Hadoop, the Elephant in the Enterprise

The open-source software, which has emerged as the de facto standard for big data processing, may be what tips enterprise in the favor of open source, according to some high-level execs. [Read more]...

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VMware Works to Make Hadoop 'Virtualization-aware'

The virtualization giant is moving up the big data stack with its new Serengeti open-source project. [Read more]...

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Hortonworks Announces Version 1 of its Hadoop-centric Data Platform

As we've noted before, the open source Hadoop software framework has becom a phenomenon as a way of breaking complicated problems apart, spreading them across many computers, and allowing organiations to glean insight from extremely large data sets. While Hadoop is centrally driven by the Apache Software Foundation, front ends for it, support offerings for it and dedicated, unique distributions have been spreading out. Hortonworks has gathered a lot of notice for its complete data platform built to leverage Hadoop and its components for extending Hadoop. Version 1 of the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) is arriving this week. As...

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For FORK'S Sake: GitHub Checks Out Windows Client

Just two years ago, Git barely eked out a mention in Forrester's analysis of the software configuration management (or source code management) market, despite a clear trend toward open-source SCM tools. Now Git owns 27.6 percent of the SCM market...

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Ubuntu Fans: Humble Bundle Games Are Now Available In The Software Center

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you might be excused for not knowing about this Humble Bundle thing. As a long-time Linux user, the Humble Bundles have always been of interest to me, and I’ve always tried to support them financially. It’s also always been interesting to me that Linux users typically pay more for the Bundles than their Windows or Mac counterparts. Clearly there’s a profitable market for Linux games. Canonical has jumped on the Humble Bundle bandwagon this time around, and are making it easy for Ubuntu users to install the games they’ve purchased. Each of the Humble Bundle games is available individually for direct purchase through the Ubuntu Software Center at full retail price; but if you buy the current Humble Bundle you can quickly and easily install them through the Software Center, rather than download them and manually install them. When you purchase the Humble Bundle, you’ll get an authorization link that tells the Ubuntu Software Center that you...

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