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It's 2014, and Open Source Documentation is Still Lacking

TechRepublic is out with an interesting collection of open source disappointments for 2013, and one of the items listed is continuing lack of proper documentation for open source projects. 

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Linux Wins the Desktop in 2014 and 3 More Bold Predictions

Linux won, and in 2013 it hit a genuine tipping point-- the avalanche has been unleashed.

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Distribution Release: AV Linux 6.0.2

Glen MacArthur has announced the release of AV Linux 6.0.2, a new build of the project's Debian-based distribution with a large collection of audio and video production software: "This new 6.0.2 version contains significant changes including a complete new customized Xfce 4.10 desktop environment, the 'pipelight' browser plugin...

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Early Ubuntu 14.04 Intel XMir Benchmarks

While Ubuntu on the desktop won't be shipping with Mir/XMir by default until Ubuntu 14.04, since I did some recent Wayland benchmarks on Fedora 20, I decided to run some benchmarks of Ubuntu 14.04 in its development state when comparing the OpenGL gaming performance of running through the X.Org Server...

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Steam Linux Usage Still Roughly Around 1%

At the start of every month one of our rituals is always checking in on Valve's Steam Software/Hardware Survey to see their Linux statistics for the month prior. Let's see how Steam Linux usage was in December with the arrival of SteamOS.....

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