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Core JRuby Developers Move to Red Hat

Engine Yard has announced that JRuby core team members Thomas Enebo and Charles Nutter are leaving the company to join Red Hat in an apparently friendly deal between the two firms. The first preview version of JRuby 1.7.0 has also been released...

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LLVM 3.1 Compiler Infrastructure Released

After an unannounced delay, LLVM 3.1 and Clang 3.1 have been released, bringing a variety of improvements to the compiler infrastructure and C/C++/Objective C compiler...

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Lightspark update improves graphics capabilities

Version 0.5.7 of the open source Flash player implementation for Linux focuses on features used by Flash games by improving its graph­ics capa­bil­i­ties...

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Seven Useful Resources for Linux Beginners

If you're new or relatively new to Linux, you may be looking around for good Linux resources and perhaps some tutorials. Whether you're new to Linux or looking to become a more advanced user, there are a lot of free online books and tutorials that can give you guidance. In this post, you'll find our updated collection of many good Linux reference guides online--all available at no cost.   Total Linux beginners can easily dive into The Linux Starter Pack.  It's a guide that caters to newbies and provides numerous useful resources.   We've covered Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference before here, and you can download it for free here. The online book is mostly identical to the fee-based print version, and the author, Keir Thomas, has written a number of books on Linux. There are seven chapters in the reference guide, with many screenshots, and information on how to move...

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GitHub Reaches Out to Windows Developers

As of this week, GitHub is reaching out to Windows developers with the announcement of GitHub for Windows, a graphical client that will allow both developers and designers to seamlessly us the Git revision control system. The client is available as a free download now, and here are more details. The Git revision control system has soared in popularity in recent years, and developers have traditionally used it via command line or through a Mac-based graphical client that has...

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