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Firefox 3.6 gains anti-clickjacking support, Thunderbird & SeaMonkey updated

Firefox 3.6.9 now supports a server header which can help to prevent clickjacking. The new version also fixes 14 vulnerabilities, including the DLL vulnerability in the Windows version...

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Clam or Klam? Either Way, It's Easy Linux Protection

Have you run a virus scan lately? Nope? Don't need to, you say. That's because you run a Linux OS. Think again. To quote the title line of Bob Dylan's third studio album, "the times they are a-changin.'" Yes they are. And part of that change is the greater risk...

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Mozilla Labs Gaming launches

The Mozilla Labs Gaming project has announced its existence. "Modern Open Web technologies introduced a complete stack of technologies such as Open Video, audio, WebGL, touch events, device orientation, geo location, and fast JavaScript engines which make it possible to build complex (and not so complex) games on the Web.

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Why Do We Love Linux?

When you're a fan of Linux, any blog post entitled "27 Good Reasons to Love Linux" is going to be impossible to resist. No wonder, then, that a recent post with just that title has created endless fodder for conversation in the Linux blogosphere of late.

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Cairo 1.10.0 available

The 1.10.0 release of the Cairo graphics library has finally been released. "One of the more interesting departures for cairo for this release is the inclusion of a tracing utility, cairo-trace. cairo-trace generates a human-readable, replayable, compact representation of the sequences of drawing commands made by an application. This can...

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