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App Developers Unite! Or At Least Organize Yourselves a Bit Better

It's only right that the creative individuals behind a multi-billion dollar industry should have access to their own professional body, but for some reason the idea has yet to take hold. That could change at CES, when Jon Potter -- formerly of the Digital Media Association -- will start selling membership to a new outfit called the Application Developers Alliance. His...

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Is There a War Coming for Control Over Our Computing Devices?

Over the holidays, noted blogger Cory Doctorow delivered a keynote at the 28th Chaos Communication Congress in which he warned that one of the biggest problems on the technology scene is that control over our computing devices is about to be taken from us...

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iOS, Android Apps Surpass 1 Billion Downloads in Final Week of 2011

The last week of the year proved to be the largest ever for both app downloads and device activations in the history of iOS and Android, according to new data from Flurry.

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Hackers Aim to Launch Internet Satellite Network, Moon Mission

A group of hackers wants to use satellites launched with balloons to set up an Internet network that that can't be censored by governments.

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2012 Plans and Dreams From the Linux Blogs and Beyond

Well 2012 has arrived at last, and not a moment too soon! Not only can we finally dispense with all the holiday festivities, but we can also say goodbye to a year that was far too tempestuous for comfort. Here's hoping that 2012 will be a lot less exciting here...

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