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Group-Office 4.0 Groupware Released

Version 4.0 of the online groupware solution adds support for the CardDAV protocol, allows users to search the contents of files, and has under-the-hood changes that should make future development faster...

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Google Makes Opera Bloggers an Offer They Can't Refuse: Use Chrome

Nice browser you got there, shame if something happened to it Google is warning Opera web browser users they must switch to Chrome in order to use, the search giant's blog-hosting service. No technical incompatibilities have been found to justify the alarm.…...

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KDE's Dolphin File Manager Needs Additional Hands

The new maintainer of KDE's Dolphin file manager has put out a call for new contributors to join the project as he is currently its only developer...

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GNOME 3.5.3 Bulks On Changes For GNOME 3.6

The latest GNOME 3.5 development release is now available with a lot of changes as the developers prepare to issue the final GNOME 3.6 desktop release in late September...

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Desktop Matchmaking in Linux Land

Well it's been a few years since Linux Girl has had the pleasure of writing about dating in the Linux world -- always one of her favorite topics! -- but recently the topic came up again, albeit with a slight twist. Specifically, in a recent article over at Datamation, is...

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