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Hands on with Firefox 4 for Android (RC)

Firefox for Android is almost here! CNET sat down with the Mozilla team for an up-close-and-personal look at the mobile browser.

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Non-Oracle MySQL Fork Deemed Ready for Prime Time

Drizzle debuts its first general availability (GA) release.

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FireSSH is a Browser Based SSH Client Written Entirely In Javascript

The creator of FireFTP, Mime Čuvalo, is working on a new Firefox plugin named FireSSH - an SSH client written entirely in Javascript that works right in your browser window.

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Use ScraperWiki to Help Turn Web Pages Into Usable Data [Programming]

A scraper is a program written to take content off of a webpage or other data source and turn it into some kind of usable format, usually an RSS feed or by entering it directly into a database.

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Open Source and App Stores: Where They Mix, Where They Don't

Developers can't use GPLv2 code on iOS or Windows Phone 7 apps without violating the license.

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