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KDE's Dolphin File Manager Needs Additional Hands

The new maintainer of KDE's Dolphin file manager has put out a call for new contributors to join the project as he is currently its only developer...

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GNOME 3.5.3 Bulks On Changes For GNOME 3.6

The latest GNOME 3.5 development release is now available with a lot of changes as the developers prepare to issue the final GNOME 3.6 desktop release in late September...

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Desktop Matchmaking in Linux Land

Well it's been a few years since Linux Girl has had the pleasure of writing about dating in the Linux world -- always one of her favorite topics! -- but recently the topic came up again, albeit with a slight twist. Specifically, in a recent article over at Datamation, is...

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Double Security for Flash Under Linux

Chrome 20 introduces a new protection concept for Linux users. The "seccomp" mechanism allows system calls from a process to be severely restricted and filtered...

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Wine 1.5.8 Improves Bits Of C++ Runtime

While it's been less than two weeks since Wine 1.5.7 was released with dynamic device support, Wine 1.5.8 has already been released...

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