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Geek Picture of the Day: Linus Torvalds features Linux creator Linus Torvalds today in a picture from 1999...

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id Software Consolidates Open-Source Code

While id Software may have recently lost its main Linux game developer (Timothee Bessett), they haven't abandoned their open-source ways. This afternoon John Carmack had an interesting tweet...

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More Automation With AutoKey

The more I use AutoKey, the more I believe it to be an essential piece of software for the Linux desktop. If you happened to miss my last article about it, AutoKey is a system-wide service that allows you to easily set scripts to run when certain key combinations are pressed. AutoKey also lets you set text shortcuts for longer words or phrases.

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When Should Open Source Be Written Into Law?

As a systems administrator, I tend to think about source code and computing platform in large numbers. Computers however are getting smaller and more powerful, and the reality of computers that we put in or on our body as a normal daily routine is coming closer, and for many is already here.

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How to Access a PostgreSQL Database from Any Language

If you’re a system administrator, chances are you use programs that interface with databases every day. One great advantage of open source software is that you can modify your applications’ code to customize it for your needs. If your application uses PostgreSQL on the back end, it’s not hard to access your database from a variety of languages.

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