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Mozilla Firefox Hits 3.6.10, Firefox 4 Gets New Beta

Mozilla continues refining its 3.6.x line -- and releases the Kraken for developers.

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Some people insist that should be called an office application instead of an office suite.

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Diaspora Source Released

The Diaspora project, working on privacy-aware social networking, has made its first source release. "Much of our focus this summer was centered around publishing content to groups of your friends, wherever their seed may live. It is by no means bug free or feature complete, but it an important step...

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Mozilla Puts Brakes on Auto Firefox Updates

Patch Tuesday from Microsoft coincided with browser updates from both Mozilla and Google this month.

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Video Editor Kdenlive 0.7.8 Offers Improved Colour Correction

The new version of Kdenlive has 28 new features, better colour correction tools and more easily adjustable transitions...

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