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Google's 6th Summer of Code wraps up

Google has officially announced the end to its sixth annual Google Sumer of Code (GSoC) event in which more than 2,000 mentors and over 1,000 students from almost 70 countries participated to improve the code bases of 150 open source projects.

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Inkscape 0.48 lined up and released

The open source scalable vector editor gets an update with multi-path editing and an improved text tool...

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Rails 3.0 approaches with RC2

The Ruby on Rails developers have issued the second release candidate for version 3.0 of their open source web framework, noting that the final version of Rails 3.0 should arrive "this week"...

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Centralized Logging with a Web Interface

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a web interface to the logs on your central log server? Well, dream no more because this one is a reality thanks to LogAnalyzer (aka phplogcon). Let's take a look at how to setup both it and its suggested syslog variant, rsyslog, on...

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Google knits 11 patches into Chrome browser

Google applied patches to three critical and eight high risk vulns in a new iteration of its Chrome browser released late last week.…...

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