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SugarCRM 6.5 Adds Just a Touch of Sweetener

SugarCRM has just debuted a controlled release of version 6.5 of its flagship open source CRM offering. In many ways, the release is an iterative change -- it does not represent the same major shift in functionality and user interface as version 6 did, when it was launched in 2010.

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Apache OpenOffice Lagging Behind LibreOffice in Features

Michael Meeks today posted the results of his side-by-side comparison of derivatives. The release of Apache OpenOffice 3.4 is right around the corner, so Meeks thought "it might help clarify the current situation to have a side-by-side summary of what is in each suite." Noting the important dates of June 1, 2011, which was when Oracle donated OOo to Apache; and Apache OpenOffice 3.4 is due probably...

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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS strikes Hyper-V first with Microsoft

Cloud before politics, says Canonical There’s a little love and yet a lot of rivalry between the latest Ubuntu build and Microsoft's Windows.…...

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Canonical Delivers Ubuntu Version 12.04: Precise Pangolin

Canonical has announced the release of the latest version of Ubuntu: version 12.04 LTS, which you can get here. Dubbed "Precise Pangolin," we've covered the beta versions of this important upgrade to one of the most popular Linux distros. Version 12.04 is based on the 3.0.2 Linux kernel, and is a long-term support (LTS) release of the operating system, with maintenance updates guaranteed for five years. It's positioned as ideal for cloud computing, and Mark Shuttleworth and others have steadily positioned it as aimed at enterprise users. Here is more on this release. Previously, LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for three years for desktop users and five years on the server, but Canonical has upped the support for Precise Pangolin to five years across the board. It's one of many pitches the OS makes to enterprise users.  The Unity desktop environment in version 12.04, which has been so controversial, has become much faster...

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The Numbers Are In On Android's Brief History

As the Google/Oracle trial continues, The Verge has published a complete internal presentation from Google's Andy Rubin and his team that discussed projections--including specific financial targets--for the Android mobile OS. The presentation shows that in mid-2010 there were 20 million Android phones, but Google expected that number to double to 40 million by the end of that year. Google was projecting $278.1 million in Android revenues for 2010, with $158.9 million from ads, $3.8 million from app sales and $115.4 million from selling Android handsets.  The company wanted to be generating $840.2 million from advertising and nearly $36 million from app sales by 2012. The presentation shows just how far Google's mobile operating system has come. Android lives in so many people's pockets, is spreading out to so many smartphones and other types of devices, and is so often discussed in the media that it can be easy to forget how young it...

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