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Free Tools for Getting Started with the Mighty GIMP Graphics Editor

If you've spent any time working with graphics--whether you favor open source software or not--you're probably familiar with the power of GIMP, one of the very best open source graphics applications. And, if you know your way around GIMP, you're probably also familiar with the many effects you can execute with it. 

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The Automotive Linux Summit Marks Linux's Bright Future in Vehicles

If you cycled the clock back a few years, you would find lots of people still debating whether Linux had the potential to dominate as a desktop operating system. Fast-forward to today, and it's clear that Linux is in fact finding many of its biggest opportunities at the server level, in mobile devices, in embedded Linux deployments, and in other scenarios that lie outside the desktop computing arena. 

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Early Previews of Next Versions of Firefox Are Ready for Poke-Arounds

Without a doubt, many people reading this are already using Firefox 8, a significant update to Mozilla's widely used browser. Version 8 features Twitter searches you can do directly from your toolbar, and runs significantly faster than previous versions.

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5 Resources for Getting Much More Out of VLC Media Player

In case you don't already use it, VLC Media Player, available for Windows, the Mac and Linux, is one of the best open source applications of any kind. I find that it consistently plays video file formats that other players have problems with, and there is much more under the hood in this open source media player than many people realize. For example, you can use it to broadcast your own video content, you can use it as a video transcoder for converting video file formats, and you can listen to and manage podcasts with it. VLC Media Player is so powerful, though, that it could use better documentation. 

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Firefox Version 8 Available Ahead of Official Release

While many Firefox users are still working with version 7, Mozilla has now made version 8 available, and this version is definitely the next major iteration of the browser. Although Mozilla's official release date is November 8, you can get Windows, Mac and Linux versions here.

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