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ADeskBar Combines Ubuntu's Taskbar and Menu Bar into One Feature-Filled Dock

While Docky is still a favorite among Ubuntu users, panel replacement app ADeskBar replaces both the Menu Bar and Taskbar in Ubuntu, adding a few other features to the mix as well like quick Terminal access, stacks, and a quick search box. More »...

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Hands-On: A First Look at Diaspora's Private Alpha Test

The Diaspora project has launched a private alpha test of its open source social network. It is opening up its own hosted instance of Diaspora to a select group of testers, starting with people who contributed financial support when Diaspora was first getting off the ground. The initial group of...

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Tutorial: Troubleshooting Linux Servers

You thought you had it all working, didn't you? But then your users report slowdowns, or your logfiles are empty, or jobs don't run-- so how do you find out what's going on?

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3 FOSS PIM Apps, 3 Personality Quirks

New app choices have a habit of getting in the way of older favorites. Sometimes, a new approach or design can tempt you to give up one approach to solving a computing need by replacing it with another. That is the case with personal information manager apps. Open source software...

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Subscribers to the xorg-devel list will have seen Luc Verhaegen's November 23 note complaining about a prank commit added to the (moribund) radeonhd tree. As he rightly noted, this kind of trick (which required root access to carry out) can only serve to compromise the community's trust in the

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