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Tuning Btrfs vs. F2FS, EXT4, XFS File-Systems

When earlier this week delivering Btrfs benchmarks with various mount options for tuning the next-generation Linux file-system, some Linux users were hoping to see other file-systems tossed into the test mix too for reference. Here's those numbers...

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Beautiful User Interfaces of the Future, According to Science Fiction

User interfaces remain one of the most fascinating elements of visual science fiction. They need to tell us something about what characters are doing (whether it's aiming a weapon or tracking a criminal, apparently the two most common activities in the future) and something about what the world finds aesthetically...

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You Use Open Source Tools? The Robot Recruiters Know It -- and Like It

As we've reported, the rise of the cloud and Big Data tools is also giving rise to a need for expertise in using these tools. Jobs for people with Linux and Big Data skills are readily available around the world. In an interesting spin on this trend, though, there are also some signs emerging that Big Data analysis tools could even match skilled workers up with their ideal jobs in ways that human recruiters can't. And, these tools may put special emphasis on how savvy job seekers are with open source technology and general computing knowledge. The Economist provides an interesting report on "Robot Recruiters," and it even suggests that companies that remotely detect or ask about whether you're using the open source browser of your choice instead of the browser that came with your computer could do better at hiring the right employees: "In the case...

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XnConvert: The Big Daddy of all Batch Image Converters

Accept it: there was at least one point in time when you had to resize a large number of photos in Linux in one go, and you wished you had known a tool that would do that. Well, certainly, you hadn't heard of XnConvert.

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Oil Rush on Steam for Linux

Adding to the list of quality Steam Linux games comes an Indie strategy game Oil Rush. If you are a fan of the strategy genre and have a liking for eye-candy graphics, try this one out.

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