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How To Set Up A Serial Port Between Two Virtual Machines In VirtualBox

I needed to test serial communication between two VirtualBox guest machines on Linux. This tutorial describes what I did to set up a serial port between two virtual machines running on VirtualBox.

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Could the Time Be Right for Red Hat to Compete On the Desktop?

While Red Hat's story is one of very consistent success based on a unique business model of providing subscription support and services for open source software, the company has also consistently eschewed competing on the consumer desktop.

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FuseSource Continues Strategy Of Support For Apache Projects

Back in October I wrote about a new spin off from Progress Software called FuseSource. They are trying to do with Apache Projects what Red Hat has been able to do with Linux.  I like the company because they are very clear on what their mission is. They don't consider...

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Facebook's Open Compute Project Takes Pages From Open Source

As Facebook has extended its reach over the past several years, it has also had to deal with issues pertaining to massively scalable computing architectures. In fact, more than once the company has devised plans for a new data center only to double its intended size before it's even built.

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Linux Foundation Marks 20 Years of Linux, Holds Collaboration Summit

The Linux Foundation is celebrating 20 years of Linux this week, as this summer will mark 20 years since Linus Torvalds decided to share his operating system with everyone, and chose to release it under the General Public License.

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