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The Linux Standard Base: Order From Chaos

Imagine going out to do your shopping errands in a world devoid of standards. What would that be like? Without standard sizes, something as routine as buying clothes would be an exercise in frustration. Finding a replacement bulb or buying tires for your car would require unique parts made only...

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Use Modelling Software to Salvage Other People’s Code

Agile development, DevOps and the ability to trial new application concepts by spinning them up in the cloud are speeding the trend for in-house development. Customization and innovation in business processes and the software that underlies them, are now core areas of competitive advantage. For the developer, this means that the joy of working with other people’s code is becoming an almost unavoidable part of the job. But for many of us, maintaining our own, long-forgotten code can be painful enough. Inheriting someone else's can be downright agony.

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SphinUX OS Claims To Be ~150% Faster Than GNU/Linux

SphinUX OS is an open-source POSIX-compatible operating system developed under the GPLv3 and running the Egyptian LSX Kernel Architecture. This open-source operating system claims to be much faster than Linux and that its memory usage can even be 3x less! This is an operating system with some of the most...

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New X DRI3 Extension Starts Working On GNOME, KDE

Keith Packard has announced that the first of two new DRI3 (DRI3000) extensions for X.Org is working and the new extension can cooperate with the loading of the complete KDE and GNOME desktops...

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Features Coming To LibreOffice 4.1

For those curious about the features coming to the LibreOffice 4.1 open-source office suite, here's a list...

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