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Report: Ubuntu Netbook 10.10 -- Quirky and Simpler

Every netbook Linux distro makes the assumption that users want a simpler, lighter desktop for light work and social networking. But what about functionality and usability?

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Day 5 - Community Day (Live from UDS)

Gerry Carr's final thoughts from UDS, day 5...

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Development Release: Linux Deepin 10.12 Alpha 1

The first alpha build of Linux Deepin 10.12, a Chinese desktop Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, is out and ready for testing. One of the most interesting features of the release is the attempt to maximise vertical screen space by placing the GTK+ application menus and window controls....

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Monotone 0.99 Released

Version 0.99 of the monotone source code management system has been released. New features include reworked selectors, a new URI syntax, a cleaned-up command-line interface, new automate commands, and more. The 1.0 release, which will contain only bug fixes on top of 0.99, is expected by the end of the...

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Rainbow Firefox Add-in Brings Advanced Video, Audio to the Browser

We've written before about how most of the innovation in browsers is going on between the two leading open source contenders--Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome--and now Firefox may very well benefit from the shrewd move toward enbabling advanced video and audio recording features within the browser.

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