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Shell In A Box Gives Your Browser Terminal Status

Shell In A Box gives you simple web-based terminal access to your Linux system.

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Mozilla Releases Thunderbird Updates

Just one day after it released updates for Firefox, the Mozilla Project has issued versions 3.1.4 and 3.0.8 of Thunderbird, the latest stable and legacy branch updates of its popular open source email client.

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Tutorial: Best Practices with sudo on Linux

Ubuntu's use of sudo to simplify Linux administration is ingenious, but barely scratches the surface of what sudo can do. Follow along as Yvo Van Doorn of Likewise Software unlocks the powers of sudo.

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Mozilla Firefox Hits 3.6.10, Firefox 4 Gets New Beta

Mozilla continues refining its 3.6.x line -- and releases the Kraken for developers.

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Some people insist that should be called an office application instead of an office suite.

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