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LMMS Is a Fearsome Music-Making Machine

Music lovers have numerous strong choices for organizing and playing their collections of songs on the Linux desktop. But music creators have far fewer professional-strength options among Linux applications. But with Linux MultiMedia Studio, or LMMS, one option may be all you really need. LMMS does it all and does...

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Mandriva Receives Reprieve, Future Still Uncertain

In his usual man-of-a-few-words manner today, Jean-Manuel Croset, Mandriva COO, announced that enough funds have been secured to allow Mandriva to keep its doors open and continue development. With Croset saying little else, users at least have a nugget of good news to sustain them. Last month Croset solicited user input as to the direction the company might go. He specifically mentioned Mandriva's strong commitment to desktop Linux, leading one to think he'd really like to lead the company to a more community-based desktop distribution model. But as we learned from watching the formation of The Document Foundation and The Mageia Foundation, it takes a tremendous effort from many skilled contributors to be...

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Where Open Source Meets the Cloud: A Guide

With all of the recent debate over open source cloud computing platforms, including OpenStack and CloudStack, it's clear that there is permanent convergence between the open source community and cloud computing. Companies as large as Microsoft and Amazon are shifting huge parts of their business strategies toward the cloud. At OStatic, we've been steadily collecting posts and resources related to open source and cloud computing. In this post, you'll find our updated collection of articles, interviews and educational posts on the topic.  Recently, OStatic conducted an interview series with cloud computing platform managers, and makers of commercial cloud platforms, focused on the question, "What's in Your Stack?" The people we interviewed are, in many cases, cloud pioneers, and include founders of hot cloud-focused startup companies. A good sample of the interviews in this series can be found here: CloudSwitch's Founder on What's in His Cloud Stack CloudBees'...

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Linux and Gaming: Full Steam Ahead

There's been virtually continuous cause for celebration here in the Linux blogosphere over the last month or so, but it seems safe to say that few news items have caused quite as much jubilation as what greeted one tidbit last week, in particular. "It has taken longer than most anyone...

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Study Says iOS Still Trumps Android at Work

There is no doubt that, despite being a very young mobile operating system, Android has achieved considerable success, and Android smartphones are directly challenging the iPhone's hegemony. And yet, we've made the point before that Android still hasn't cracked the business market. Do you work in a large enterprise, where the technology you use is overseen by IT administrators who set rules? If you do, you may have already encountered restrictions on running Android devices and open source applications. Even at large, Silicon Valley-based technology companies, users often cannot choose Android phones as company-issued devices. Now, a new study suggests that even enterprise users who are free to pick their own mobile devices for work use still overwhelmingly favor the iPhone.  Good Technology, which makes mobile security and collaboration tools, is out with its quarterly study on mobile usage patterns, which "provides a breakdown of smartphone and tablet devices activated amongst Good’s enterprise customers, which include eight of the top 10 financial institutions, seven of...

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